About Tenglnet Software Company

Tenlnet Software company believes in :

Delivering solutions and services that provide significant value addition to our customers.
Exceeding our customers' expectations in all dimensions and in every transaction.
Delivering superior quality services by understanding, adopting and integrating technological.
Developing and maintaining a team of knowledgeable, motivated and sincere professionals.
Establishing quality process that delivers defect free solutions and services timely.
High standard Web based customer support to assist our customers with their pre-purchase and post-purchase

Contact Us

Windows Winset contact :

        Email: winset@tlwinset.com
        Msn:   tlnwinset@live.com

TLN E-Mail Sender contact :

        Email: tlnsender@tlwinset.com
         Msn:   tlnsender@live.com

TLN Music Therapy contact :

        Email: music@tlwinset.com
         Msn:  tlntherapy@live.com

Windows WinBest contact :

        Email: winbest@tlwinset.com
        Msn:   winbest@live.com